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Car Hiring Services


From the luxurious cars, jeeps that define you to the comfortable, rugged and stylish vehicles that ensure your pleasure is never interrupted, we at Arakinola Car Hire Services are determined to ensure that you enjoy doing business with us.



Our mission is to create unique and unforgettable meetings.
We strive to create the right ambience employing the best experience for the client and provide adequate value for money.

Hotel Reservation and Tourism


We protect our customers by providing backup escort, plus a nice, comforting, relaxing experience in the best hotels for those rewarding moments.

About Us

Arakinola car hire services was founded by Mr. Akinola Raheem on 01/05/2015, and was incorporated on September 2015 with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with CAC number: 2430502

ARAkinola Car Hire Services is a car hir ...

ARAkinola Car Hire Services is a car hiring company which deals with hiring of cars to clients ensuring that they are not stranded and there is no lapse in quality from what they may be accustomed to.

We tailor our services to what our customer requires because we know needs vary individual to individual and what works for one may not rock another's boat.

We also handle ticketing, hotels reservation and tourism.>

Here at ARAkinola Car Hire Services, we strive to be the best and offer our clients the best of service they could ever hope for.